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Next performance!
The Son
by Tony Matthews 
December 2 at 7:00pm St. Lukes Anglican Church
2951 26 Ave SE (Google Map)
December 3 at 3:00pm Forest Lawn United Church
2236 35 Street SE (Google Map)
December 3 at 7:30pm St. Laurence Anglican Church
5940 Lakevie Dr SW (Google Map)

Story-Line: This is the story of the shepherds in Bethlehem who found themselves on a hillside sung to by angels. When the bright lights faded, what did they do next?
You'll meet Jesse, the young shepherd, sent from Jerusalem by his angry father, who hopes he will learn to become a man. There's Zedekiah, the head shepherd, who knows the stories of the prophets of old say a Messiah is coming. Is it just a story? Zedekiah doesn't think so! And of course there's Amos and Josiah and Jotham, three shepherds stumbling off to Bethlehem without any real directions to find a baby.
What would you do if it were you?
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Season's encore presentation 
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! 
By Andrew Lloyd Webber 
April 26 to May 6 2018 
Cite Des Rocheuses Theater, 4800 Richard Rd SW, Calgary (Google map)

Don’t miss this encore performance by the cast and crew of The Painted Fish as they tell the light-hearted story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular musical features an all ages cast to tell the tale of love and forgiveness. A show for the whole family!

Tickets go on Sale in November

Past shows

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Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde and Nina Achbach, Music by Tony and Daphne Matthews

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Jesus Christ Superstar

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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Sound of Music Music by R. Rogers, Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

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Oliver by Lionel Bart 

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Medieval Feast 

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2018, The Painted Fish Performing Arts Society was created by Marian Hamilton and Ivan Baharally in 2008 as a private production company. The mandate of the company was to present theatre that reflected Christian values. The first show, Jesus Christ Superstar was a resounding success and was the catalyst for continuing. The next play, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat achieved critical acclaim from sold out audiences and was nominated for 6 CAT awards.

The decision was made in 2012 to become a Society and expand. The Painted Fish Performing Arts Society has become a family theatre company with a mandate to encourage intergenerational casts of all faiths. Our youngest performers, aged 6 years and our oldest performers often in their 70’s enjoyed working together on such shows as The Sound of Music, Oliver! and many Christmas productions. The Society also encourages new works, recently presenting The Happy Prince (Nina Achenbach, Daphne and Tony Matthews) and The Son, a musical by T Marian Hamilton Tony Matthews, and Daphne Matthews .

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